The Conventional Silk Pajama

Mulberry silk has been a symbol of wealth for many cultures and up until now this fine silk stands out from the rest. Mulberry silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms who feed on mulberry leaves. It is regarded as the finest silk in the world because the process of making it is highly meticulous.

History of pajamas

Pyjama is derived from the Hindi word “payjamah” which means a clothing that splits in the leg part. It was a uniform worn by Indian peasants and gentry. In 17th century Britain, pajamas were introduced as a loungewear and later on took the world by storm.

The benefits of silk pajamas

Mulberry silk pajamas are known to bring exceptional comfort to the wearer. Since mulberry silk is the finest silk available in the market, any clothing that is made of this material has great value. Great value comes with great benefits. Silk pajamas are not only comfortable, they are also hygienic.

Did you know that an average person could lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells in a minute? That’s almost four kilograms in a year! Dead skin cells stick to our clothes,

bedsheets, and blankets, among others. Dead skin cells don’t easily adhere to silk, that is why it is the perfect garment for sleepwear. Men, unlike women, sweat more due to their active sweat glands. Men tend to be heavier than women and their increased weight produces more heat in the body resulting in more sweat. That is why a mens silk pajama set is perfect for men who want to have a goodnight’s sleep.

Silk sleepwear for all ages

Silk pajamas are also popular in infant wear. Babies who have atopic dermatitis (eczema) have very sensitive skin. Babies with eczema tend to itch and scratch at night, that’s

why their sleep is obstructed which results in irritability. That’s why mothers

opt to use garments made of silk due to its hypoallergenic properties. Silk also cools down skin making the wearer generally feel comfortable during sleep.

Even old people enjoy wearing silk pajamas. Silk is 100% natural and odorless, ideal for grandparents who have sensitive noses. The mulberry silk’s antibacterial properties also help in maintaining a clean and fresh body while wearing it.

Silk sleepwear for fashion

Trends come and go, but pajamas stay. Pajamas are universal, anyone can wear it regardless of gender and color. Today, we see fashion evolve from Swarovski-beaded dresses to simple silk pajama casual wear. Why not? Pajamas are a great way of self-expression—a laidback attempt to bring comfort and fashion together.

One of the most conventional uses of silk pajamas is that it transcends time. It could be worn any time of the day without judgment. A person can wear pajamas all day.

In conclusion, silk pajamas are comfortable and stylish. They come in a plethora of styles and designs for both men and women. Fine silk might be expensive, but its benefits surely outweigh the price. From a traditional set of uniforms to a universal loungewear, pajamas are loved by everyone.